Dior Flagships

Project: Dior Flagships
Location: Worldwide
Application Type: Wall Covering
Model: Special Creations
Specifier: Parfums Christian Dior

How does an artist capture the essence of a liquid perfume in a textile? A fascinating challenge, this question resulted in one of the most defining projects of Sophie Mallebranche’s early career: an extraordinary weave used as wall covering in Parfums Christian Dior’s Worldwide Flagships.

Researched and developed in 2011 exclusively for the use of Parfums Christian Dior, these special creations reflect the fluid, intangible essence of the luxury fragrances. Woven with nuanced combinations of silver, bronze, and gold colored wires, these models demonstrate Sophie’s exceptional vision as a colorist.



The subtle contrast of warm and cool golds, imperceptible to the naked eye, brings depth and life to these intricate weaves. With an emphasis on the role of light and reflection, the material embodies the liquid contents of the perfume bottles in a unique material surface – an artistic homage to the natural elements of liquid and solid.

After the production of the new models comes another challenge: how to apply the material as wall covering. Now one of our most popular applications, the installation techniques for wall covering were enhanced and refined during the development of this project.

Installation of these panels is facilitated by a permanent thermo-adhesive polyester backing applied to the material. Ensuring proper alignment and implementation of the panels, this innovative fire-retardant backing greatly enhanced the material’s properties, opening the doors to a vast range of possibilities in interior design.

Photo credit: ?Joseph Collin

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